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Reptile Guide-
There is a bunch of different types of reptiles that are easy to care for and makes good beginner pets and then there is some that don't make good beginner pets at all. This list will give you a good guide line, so you will have an idea what you are getting yourself into.... Remember Do Your Research Before Buying Any Reptile!!!
Beginner Snakes-
Corn snake
Milk snake
Ball Python
Rosy Boa
Spotted Python
King Snake   (can have additude )
Childrens Python
Gardner Snake
Rat Snake ( can have additude )
Woma Python
Sand Boa
Beginner Lizards-
Leopard Gecko
Crested Gecko
Panther Gecko
Leaf Tail Gecko
Gargoyle Gecko
African Flat Tail Gecko
Bearded Dragon
Anole ( display only )
Skinks ( most of them )
Knob Tail Gecko
Long Tail Lizard ( display only )
 Advance Snakes-
Carpet Python ( all Types )
Dumerils Boa
BCI ( Boa Constrictor  Imperator ) Common Boa
BCC -True Red Tail Boa
Central American Boa
Hogg Island Boa
Argentine Boa
Rainbow Boas
Bredls Python
Stimsons Python
Blood Python ( all types )
Short Tailed Pythons ( all types )
Olive Pythons
Tree Boas ( all types )
Tree Pythons ( all types )
Advance Lizards-
Any monitor Lizards
Madagascar Geckos ( all Types )
Frilled Dragons
Chinese Water Dragons
Basilisk Lizard
Tokay Gecko ( display only )
Turtles and Tortoise ( due to care, size and housing )
This list is only a guide line, based on temperament, housing, and size of the reptile.
If your looking into getting a reptile and you don't see it on the list or your wondering if the type of reptile your looking into getting will be the best choice for you, contact me at I will be more then happy to help you choose a reptile that will be the best choice for you and your lifestyle.
Remember DO YOU RESEACH before buying any reptile

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